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B2B Distribution Marketplace
E-commerce Zend

While in the UK and US consumer goods producers can concentrate on relationships with a handful of multi-national supermarket chains, the retail outlet base in Africa and emerging markets is fragmented (Large number of stores with orders that are...

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Personal Stylists Ecommerce Solution
Angular.js E-commerce fashion Ruby on Rails is a personal style service that envolves with customer’s taste, needs and lifestyle. It was started to solve a simple problem: shopping for clothes in stores can be overwhelming and inconvenient. With Suitableyou, you can discover...

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IoT Home Heating Solution
Android Energy Efficiency iOS IoT IoT Java Node.js

A complex project launched by our team in the German market that as then expanded worldwide. Using the most recent IoT technologies we launched a unique system that saves energy and resources while also optimizing spendings. The solution consists of...

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Water Management Software (IoT)
Agriculture Android iOS IoT IoT Java Node.js

This project was all about technology making life easier and saving energy resources. It may be hard to believe but a few skilled engineers were able to save millions of gallons of water worldwide early by creating this IoT device. This is the...

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Social Content Marketing Solution
Marketing ReactJS Ruby on Rails

Our team launched a brand new social content marketing application to compete with Buffer and other popular services. This solution replicates all features of Buffer and Hootsuite, but also brings some new functions aimed to simplify and improve...

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Ad Management and Analytics
CodeIgniter Marketing

Metricscience is an online tool which provides advertising professionals a complete insight into the online media that they buy and sell. This tool helps to mitigate 3 major problems in the current online ad market: 1)    Transparency...

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3D House Configurator
3D Configurator E-commerce Zend

Romahaus is a platform that allows users to design and order various types of small buildings (garden buildings, sheds, garages, mobile homes, etc.).  Romahaus started the production of durable garden buildings in 2005. At its location in Twist...

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Information Management System
Education Finance Ruby on Rails

Proudly contributing to the development of Datagrav knowledge management software. Datagrav is a cloud data management and collaboration platform. 

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Multi-Vendor Marketplace and Crowdfunding Service with Social Media Elements
E-commerce PHP Zend eagers to help designers turn their fashion vision into reality through social sharing and funding. It focuses to build a fashion community that sells great clothes. It is aiming to attract the designers that will showcase their collections...

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P2P Marketplace: Travel and Hospitality
Entertainment Food & Beverages Travel Zend

Our team successfully launched a unique p2p marketplace that functions just like Airbnb but operates in slightly different niche. The core function of it is to allow travelers to get authentic in-home dining experience and connect with local cooks....

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