Uber for trucks

Our team participated in fun and challenging project acting as technical specialists on a project similar to Uber, Lyft and Juno but targeting cargo transportation industry. Although there were several competitors on the market already such as Trucker Path, Convoy, Cargo Chief and Transfix product owners decided to proceed with the product launch and add more value to customers and carriers. Better pricing policy, smooth UX and wide network were the key factors to succeed and win the race. 


Cargomatic project involved a lot of complex technical puzzles to solve and a lot of work to do to develop web interface for shippers and carriers, iOS and Android applications for users, back end to handle all the data, security and payment systems. 


We had to solve numerous puzzles and spend long hours on team meetings negotiating the best approach to take. So we gathered the team of professionals to cope with all the challenges and difficulties arising during the development and did our best to deliver great solution. 


Due to NDA we can’t disclose a lot of details about technical aspects of the project but you can sign up and enjoy the way it works. Working on a global startup that supports multiple platforms and deals with sensitive data is always challenging. 



Technology Stack
  • Amazon AWS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Node.js

  • Angular.JS

  • Python

3rd Party Components & APIs